Case Study: Homelessness

As a student at Seattle Pacific University, I researched
+ developed a series of design throughout a variety of platforms to discuss the intersection of domestic
violence and homelessness.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 8.29.20 PM.png


The next step became research; the foundation and core of infographic design.

1 Interview a member of the homeless community

2 gather all current data provided on all and any platforms

3 Condense data and formulate a logical pathway for the chosen information



To begin the project, I needed to address whom I wanted the message of the infographic to reach, and know full well the community I wanted to represent. 

Topic Domestic Violence + Homelessness in the U.S.

Purpose To educate others on the topic of domestic violence + how a lack of resources and opportunities for the victims can result in homelessness; thus developing empathy within the audience.

Audience 25-38 years old; invested in volunteering with homeless +  has experienced domestic violence; or apathetic towards homeless + content with own social sphere.

Questions to answer for audience
What is domestic violence? What is the relationship between homelessness + domestic violence? How does this apply to me? / Why should I care? What is an effective way to stop this issue? What are my next steps in contributing to aid?

Questions to Answer for homeless community
How are you representing our community? / How do you talk to others about us? Do you really know what’s going on? / Are you aware of our situations? (Accuracy in information) How are you personally doing something to enact change?


Sunny + Houdini  – Homeless Interview   

Sunny + Houdini  – Homeless Interview




As a part of my design process, I developed multiple sketches to explore style and story within my project framework. 

1 Content timeline

2 composition Wireframes

3 Infographic Exploration

4 Motion Storyboards



The next step to take involved all style decisions that would help push my initial mission and its supporting context.

Purple – representative for Domestic violence awareness
Red/Pink – Draws attention
White – Consistency and contrast

Open Sans Light + Bold – Contrast + modern

Flat + THin – Modern + visually appealing, does not overplay the meaning of the content


Final Product

The result of my process included a series of dashboard designs, two posters, + a motion video.

tablet Four dashboard designs that break down the content into an app-based experience.

Poster Two posters that break down the research into a linear + nonlinear flow of information.

video A single video encompassing all the information in an engaging way by utilizing timE, movement + audio.