Imaginate is more than a website, we are a family.  By cultivating a space where creatives in the Church can collaborate and develop original work, we keep our community inspired to strive for innovation, meanwhile providing connections to educational and networking resources.



With the rapid pace our society has been evolving with technology, many churches who are not informed on the constant trend changes as well as whom cannot afford to keep up with these changes often struggle to grow. Creativity is absolutely essential to a thriving church as it allows the congregation to explore their imagination around their faith, become better informed on the functionality of the church and cultivates open minds to change. Change is essential to the church to be able to relate to the modern day non-believer that one would seek to minister to. Not to mention, God was the original creator who made us to create in order to solve problems, mysteries and connect imagery to the metanarrative of God and His Word. 


Imaginate is an online platform that would develop a community for creatives within the Church in the Pacific Northwest to engage in conversation of innovation and the ability to collaborate on projects, reinforcing the importance of originality as a creator. In return of the connections made over the forum, creatives would receive monthly subscriptions of work produced from the community as well as merchandise that provides a sense of belonging to that community.


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