I am Hannah Guernsey, a graphic designer and marketing strategist located in the greater Seattle area. My career in the creative industry holds over three years of experience in creative direction and social media marketing. After multiple ministry-focused creative internships, I attended Seattle Pacific University where I achieved my BA in Visual Communication and found my passion for supporting the stories and heart of local businesses, companies and churches through visual appeal. 



In a world that is more visual than ever before, marketing materials have become vital as they encompass the role of portraying the first, and often lasting impression of any business or platform. Does the graphic design currently representing your business portray the image you want, or could it be improved to grab the attention of your target audience to develop a strong and positive lasting impression? Regardless of the platform you are using, there are only a few seconds to capture the attention of your audience, and I can help clients do exactly that. Even if your message, products or customer-service are unbeatable, if your image doesn't also represent the caliber of what you are aiming to sell, you may never have the opportunity to show your audience why they need it. You can achieve the image you intend to portray with a strong visual presence – a staple of today's successful churches and companies.



"Most people understand the risks they face when they choose to handle their own legal or tax matters, but many don’t realize the risks that they face when they choose to handle their own graphic design. The potential pitfalls come in the form of poor first impressions, as well as lost opportunities and profits, to name just a few. A professional graphic designer, on the other hand, can ensure that your marketing materials produce results, create a powerful impression and increase your profits." – DNG Creative

I can provide a complete range of graphic design from a new logo, business cards, posters, websites, and even motion videos. In short, I can handle pretty much any graphic design needs you may have, just let me know what you’re looking for.

Do it with passion, or not at all.